Emergent Bass is an interdisciplinary event series. In our regular events we combine four disciplines: theory and discourse, music and performances. In addition to all the great artists from music, performance and dance, we work together with the Archive of Youth Cultures, transmission.net and Mensch Meier.

Emergent Bass is an event series celebrating the healing potential of bass music and the Afro-diasporic influence in the underground club culture. We vision the club space as a container to practice embodied forms of care and solidarity, as well as a vehicle to enact social change. Emergent Bass will give a platform to DJs and artists from the African Diaspora, as well as those who have recent histories of migration or displacement, to honour the cultural roots of bass music.

We use archival processes to reclaim the Afro-disaporic roots of House, Techno and Bass music. If you are a lover of underground club culture but are confused about it’s origins, we got you.